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July 05, 2008


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Wow! You must feel like a million bucks in that dress! So did you have your dress made for you from that pattern? Do you have the altered pattern pieces? It would be great to sew it up again someday in other fabrics. And you could examine the construction in the dress you have to help you see how to sew it again.

Denise Calhoun

I did have a dressmaker stitch it up, and she did such a lovely job. Alas, she moved to the city. Drat double drat. I did not allow her to use the original pattern, and it did not occur to me to have her give me the copy she used. As I recall, there were few alterations. Vogue Bust 38 from the 50s tends to fit me almost perfectly. Now, if I can only manage to learn to sew a fine seam!


Okay, so you have the unaltered pattern pieces, and you have the instruction sheet. And the dress. I wonder whether the dressmaker followed the 1956 instructions and used all the pieces or whether she used updated techniques. Perhaps some of both.
When you find a sewing teacher (and you will!), you can read the instruction sheet together, look at the dress, and figure out the construction. In the meantime, you could pull out that instruction sheet now and see what makes sense to you and what doesn't. What looks like an insurmountable task can be broken down into steps you understand.

Caitlin O'Connor

That is a SPECTACULAR dress, well worthy of the struggle with the !@#(&)(@*pantyhose! I agree with Pattern_nut - it doesn't look that hard. If you can get hold of the back issue of Threads that illustrates the difference between "home made dressmaker" following the instructions and "Couture" techniques (Which honestly are often EASIER, just more fiddly) then I reckon you should have a go. (Wanders off to check Threads index: I believe it might be issue 93)

Kendra Hamilton

I love the writing on this blog! It has such a unique voice!


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