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July 22, 2008


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Some thoughts about the dress's shortcomings:
Puckers along front closing: fused interfacing that shrank at a different rate from the fashion fabric? Or "neurotic sewing," as my fairy godmother-sewing teacher puts it--forcing fabric against its will to do something, and it rebels? Could this be a tension imbalance problem? I'm not very informed about tension.
Cuffs flopping: perhaps the dress needs an interfacing with more body and crispness. But you want to avoid too heavy an interfacing, which really makes a garment look homemade.
The gap: A fitting problem, solved by pattern alteration, I should think. (I'm a novice's novice at patternmaking, which is why I hired a patternmaking genius.) Is it that the center fronts don't naturally hang and match? They should.

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