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July 20, 2008


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Yes! When you can sew your own clothes you have technical and creative control. You realize that much of what makes a garment look and feel good is proper fit--and, conversely, much of what makes it remain in the closet is bad fit. You'll start paying scrupulous attention to fit in your own clothes and find it highly entertaining to notice the fit (or lack of it) of other people's clothes. If you love plaids or polka dots, even if designers have decided for several seasons that those patterns are out, they can be in for you. New York's garment district may become a destination in your travels. Vintage buttons may become cherished souvenirs. People will admire your clothes and be astonished when you say, "I made it." Warning: your stash and your ambitions will greatly outgrow your time and closet space. Oh well. That hasn't deterred me so far.


I'm so in love with your blog. I've been following TBG website for a few years and this is just an awesome addition. Now, if I may suggest, you should check out sewretro.blogspot.com. I think you might get addicted...

Beth from Upstate NY

The reason why the collar on the front dress does not look professional is that the seamstress sewed it on with one line of stitching from one side, around the back of the neck and down the other side. To make the collar hang neatly, start sewing it in the middle of the back of the neck and down one side. Break the thread, restart at the back of the neck and sew down the other side of the collar. It's a small thing, but you can see it makes a big difference in the neatness of the collar's appearance.

Sue Lamphere

Good tip about the collar, I must try that next time.

Doris at Threads of Conversation

All very valid reasons. I love that royal blue number...wouldn't mind having it myself!

Best of luck on the progress!

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