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August 12, 2008


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U-tube "arte phillips" for a KILLER WCS. He'll be in PHX this fall. . .take a lesson.


WCS begs to be done in a skirt- snug in the hip and swishy at the hem!

Still Life in Buenos Aires

In B.A., dancers call swing, "rock and roll." It's a modified West Coast Swing. The DJ usually picks a lite rock song like "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," or "Centerfield."

"Rock and roll" dancing drives me crazy because it is so reserved. When I swing, I wanna jump and jive--lindy hop, swing around, go crazy.

Argentines may have tango, but we'll always beat them in swing!!!


Don't West Coast Swing dancers wear Kippy Belts? Actually, I don't even know what that means. I am a Lindy Hopper and that is what I hear (I also hear that West Coast Swingers have a penchant for sparkly things.) What is a Kippy Belt anyways? Would I enjoy following West Coast leads more if I had one?

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