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January 19, 2009


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Still Life in South America

That black monstrosity was a Carolyn Herrera? Egads. I knew that was her designer of choice, but what was Herrera thinking this time?

That blue dress is darling. I love the way it fits her and the embroidery at the top.

I'll never forget that Herrera red strapless dress she wore to the Oscars. --What dreams are made of.


The Golden Globes gown was not the worst dress I have ever seen, but not one I would give a second glance (or thought). I'm not a huge Herrera fan but she usually comes up with wearable classics. Way too safe for me. The skirt has a great silhouette but what happened to the bodice?
As for your tendencies towards perfectionism, I encourage this behavior (tendency?proclivity?habit?whatever!) as I do believe you only get as high as you aim. Who cares if you never reach all your lofty goals....the point is to work at the impossible. jane doe will now step off the soap box.....

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