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August 06, 2009


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I so admire your sense of humor under such exasperating circumstances. This mess sounds like one of those dreadful frustration nightmares, only it's real. How can they cancel your COBRA! Did the employer go out of business or stop insuring current workers? What other reason could possibly apply? I hope it's just some stupid mistake and has been resolved since you wrote. This country should be ashamed of itself for not insuring affordable care for all. Losing healthcare when losing a job is disgusting! Hang in there and please keep us informed about it.

Denise Calhoun

Hi, Katherine,

Thank you so much for your compassionate comment. I feared I might have turned readers off with my outburst, humorous though I tried to be. Hubby is contacting our representative and senators and we'll see if we can get any support there. You are so right — we need affordable healthcare. If it had not been for the stimulus bill, our COBRA would be almost $1,200 a month — and that doesn't include dental or vision.

I will keep you informed. And again, thank you!


Crap. I'm so sorry. I'm one of many that read and enjoy you on a regular basis; please keep us updated! I know it doesn't feed the bulldog, but we love you!

Denise Calhoun

Thank you! That makes me feel better. Really.


Be sure to call/write your congresspeople and let them know how you feel about the state of health insurance in this country.. And I agree with you totally in blaming Prescott, that is precisely why I've avoided small towns so far.

Denise Calhoun

Wise woman, avoiding small towns. Although it has been an experience. And I will definitely email my senators and reps — again! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I appreciate both. Ever so.


Hi there, I know the feeling about the COBRA crap, I am dealing with a similar situation here myself. Lost my job in January due to "downsizing," and the outsourced insurance company wouldn't tell me how much to pay until the economic stimulus stuff was figured, and when I finally got the number and sent a check, they cancelled me for non payment! Got that solved, until I got notice that my doctor bill was not paid by insurance because the outsource company did not pay the insurance company. ARGH! So, here it is a week and a half later and I email the outsource company daily, copying my old HR person, to see if they have solved the payment problem yet. No answer to today's email, I am guessing they took holiday early. Gee, its a good thing I dont have a job or else I wouldnt have the time to keep track of their imbicility.

Anyway, thank you for giving me an opportunity to rant myself. I had been keeping all that in for the last week+, it was nice to commisserate, depite the circumstances.

Hope both our issues are solved soon!

Denise Calhoun

I appreciate your sharing. And good luck! I hope your emails pay off and your situation resolved in your favor soon.

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