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June 29, 2010


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Toby Wollin

I'm not quite sure when this happened - probably somewhere in the early 70s - but churches got into this whole 'we should be glad they even show up for services' thing. So 'dressing for church' went right out the window. And then there was the whole Dockers 'casual Friday' that turned into 'casual every day' which turned into 'you're going to work in THAT?' I think people would like an opportunity to get dressed up more often. Church is a good place to start.

Denise Calhoun

I'm sure ministers would not complain about their flock's attire. They probably are grateful people show up period. And I only started attending church again a few years ago. I skipped it most of my adult life. But I do recall when I was I was a youngster that everyone dressed up.


Yes, I think a LOT of things have become too casual these days. When did it become acceptable to look sloppy? I have seen grown women wearing their pjs in WalMart - at 2pm for crying out loud! Lots of women in my area are so hung up on "looking young" that they dress like they are 12 years old (think low rise jeans and belly tops) and truly have no clue that they would look so much better if they were wearing proper fitting, age appropriate, modest clothing.


The way you describe the woman in question, it sounds as it she does not dress casually at all. Instead she seems to go with a couple of trends. One is mentioned by Dondi: Youth madness. The other is red carpet fashion which is just as much about clothes as it is about how successful your personal trainer (or your plastic surgeon) is in keeping you flabless. Then there is dressing in clothes my grandmothers would have regarded as more or less glorified nighties. What a pity. But can we stem the tide?

Denise Calhoun

Perhaps I did not do a good job of describing the dress. It would be fine at a picnic, fine at the park, OK at the mall. But, in my humble Southern opinion, it is much too casual for church.

I agree with the Youth Madness comments. The whole mutton dressed as lamb phenom seems prevalent today. It's a shame. I hope we can at least set good examples; stem the tide, I don't know. Maybe.

Susan Edwards

I don't wish to cause offence but this is an issue I feel passionate about.

I'm slightly confused by this whole conversation - although I like to dress up and I take pride in feeling feminine, polished and "put together", why on earth should it be any less acceptable to wear any outfit to church compared to outside of church. It should either be acceptable clothing or not period (e.g. modest enough etc).

I don't think that your outfit in church and its casualness etc reflects your depth of faith, your relationship with God or your ability or commitment to "the walk". In fact, I think a preoccupation with "church clothing" seems often to be a distraction from the really important things to do with being a christian and going to church.

However, I'm always open to others opinions so please let me know if you feel I've missed something here?


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