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June 03, 2010


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Mary in FL

I agree. Those slacks just don't fit, and the skirt is too tight. What were they thinking?

Karen Minturn Bronw

I agree that the slacks don't fit, and the skirt needs at least a couple inches more ease. We have lost our understanding of the meaning of good fit, and shows like What Not To Wear are not improving the situation at all.

Denise Calhoun

Karen, perhaps you're right. The definition of good fit eludes most people today. Maybe it's the encroachment and — ahem — the expansion of Lycra in today's world.

Toby Wollin

Karen, you are absolutely correct. Criticizing Gretchen on her original post assumes that more expensive clothing is a) designed better and b) made better and of better materials. As we have now found, many of the high end designers (Ralph Lauren, I'm looking at you) not only design for a particular fantasy in their heads that mostly does not actually exist, but also do their production in China in the same factories that are producing for retailers such as Target. So, in terms of actual sewing skills, quality assurance etc., they literally are providing the same level that consumers get at the mid and low ends. It's all junk. (and that is why I am glad I sew)

puffs girl

there's a Claritin commerical (the mom and daughter hitting the links) that drives me nuts b/c mom's shorts don't fit. they've forced into the "stylish" low rise type when she actually


There used to be a saying: "the clothes make the man."
(and yes, i'm sitting here in knit pants and shelf bra "cammie." Guilty as charged.

Denise Calhoun

And I am sitting here in socks, yoga capris and a T. But you know me, so you know that!

The Empress

It's not classist. Not at all, at all. There's no reason under the sun that one should wear ill fitting clothing. None whatsoever. If it's too tight, get the next size up. For heaven's sake, size isn't the sum total of who you are. It's merely a number. Blargh.


Reformed size 8 who tried to stuff into a size 4.

The Empress

Toby - you are 1000% correct. I've seen stuff at the higher end department stores that are mindblowingly poorly constructed. Seams barely straight, edges poorly cut, hems droopy, you name it. In time gone by, designer DID mean "better". But now? Notsomuch. I'd rather copy a designer style myself and know how well it's constructed and that it fits ME than to pay through a bodily orifice just for someone's name on the label. And I sure as hell don't want to give all that money to someone who is exploiting the workers who make their goods. If I want to pay someone practically nothing for working, I'll make it myself.

Jordans 2

What a pity I miss seeing all those gorgeous knits! Thanks for sharing the photos.

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