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July 18, 2010


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Not too casual for a farmer's market; not especially flattering or stylish, but not too casual.

However, if these were worn on an airplane flight, to church, graduation, a wedding, a ballet, or to a Broadway show THEN I would have lots of snark to bark about!

Denise Calhoun

I won't argue, since I roll out of bed and go straight to the farmers market! If you don't get there early, all the tomatoes are gone. Of course, I suppose I could plan my wardrobe the night before . . .

puffs girl

There was an article in Sunday's paper, The Arizona Republic, about dressing casually without looking dumpy,trashy or something that should be dumped in trash. It might have been in the USA Weekend Section. . .at any rate: we are saved!

this has been bothering me since yesterday

I don't know you from Adam, but please stop posting pictures of strangers who did not agree to have their pictures taken for the purposes of criticizing their outfits. There is a huge difference between taking a picture of yourself, or criticizing a picture of a celebrity who agreed to be a public figure, and sneaking up on random strangers (and posting pictures including their faces! How is this woman going to feel if she finds this blog? It's a lot more likely then you think...) Street style photos like Sartorialist are of people who agreed to have their picture taken; it is legal to post pictures of strangers without their permission, but I just can't think it's nice

Denise Calhoun

If this has been bothering you since yesterday, I'm very glad you responded. In my defense, I will say that people were aware their pictures were being taken. I was even asked if it was for the newspaper. Most seemed pleased.


I don't think there is too casual for the farmer's market, well, unless of course there were pajamas involved. It was too hot for sweatpants anyway. ;) And the dogs were adorable!

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