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November 17, 2010


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Funny, I'm working on a post about sewing through negativity. Hehe. Great minds think (feel?) alike?


Wow! I'm pretty mad but I think you're angrier than I am...:) I don't think it's racism...however, I do think that whoever is voting for Bristol is promoting mediocracy (sp?) because she is simply not on the same level as Brandy, Jennifer and Kyle. I hate the argument that she has come so far and she wasn't an entertainer in the beginning BUT she did have to get a SAG card to appear on the show, pay dues to that union and she is being paid for her performances. In my book that makes her a performer and not a regular person.

But I think I think to much for the type of person that voted for Bristol...

BTW today I read an article that said that there are blocks of Palin followers voting for her that don't even watch the show. They just use the number and call in the alloted amount of votes...

Jane M

You just described the reason I would not watch DWTS this time around. Figured something as awful as that would happen and couldn't bear to watch. It's always been annoying when great dancers get voted off early for lesser dancers, better known celebrities. So I just knew the mod of the country and this season were not a good mix for my blood pressure.

Denise Calhoun

Jane, you are a smart woman. But I really love dancing and I love watching some of the professionals. So I watched. I do wonder about the producers, though: First Tom DeLay, then Sarah Palin's spawn. Why make the show political, especially in today's hot atmosphere? May God bless Jon Stewart and his Rally to Restore Sanity. If only it had worked.

Carolyn, I've heard the same thing about the voting. If that is true, it's really sad. Pathetic.


So, the Mad Men pencil skirt is, like, um, finished?!


Yes, I am angry about DWTS. I agree with everything you've said. (Especially about Rick Fox. Yum.) And I intend to channel my anger into a more constructive activity - sewing. Namely, I'm not going to watch the finals or the final results. That's three more hours of sewing time!!!


Oooohhhhhh, yes I'm mad. And I don't watch regularly but I wanted to see this last night. I'm furious. Oh, ok. I'll calm down. OK, I'll sew. Well, I'll begin again (after many years). OK, first I have to clean up the apt. & clean off the table. And dust. And shriek but thank you for posting this...

Fume. I feel better. Sort of.



I love DWTS and never miss. I have done ballroom dancing myself. I would like to disagree with you though. This is entertainment after all. If you want "real" dancing watch PBS. Remember Mario and Emmett? I think, technically Mario was better, but, Emmett was so much more fun to watch. Mario had an attitude and Emmett had class. Color did not play into it. I voted for Emmett. I just didn't enjoy watching Brandi. Part of that may be that I don't like Max's choreography so much. Anyway, I don't think it's worth getting your tutu in a wad. :)


I agree that there is a race is involved in who stays on BUT I think the problem is the demographic of who votes. I don't vote and now I'm regretting it. Most of the time I watch it later in the week on DVR so I can't. It seems that not only was the Palin factor at work but a lot of someones were voting for the underdog. Ultimately I think the judges votes should count more in the final score.

Gorgeous Things

I say let's just throw out the electoral college in the next presidential election. Instead, let's let the kids of the candidates go head to head in a dance contest. Whoever wins? Their parent gets to be the next president. :)

Gorgeous Things

On a more serious note, if that's possible when it comes to DWTS, I think Max did Brandy a disservice when he tangled it up with Carrie Ann. I talked once with a production assistant from DWTS, and he was telling me that the pros have huge fan bases too, and they have a big impact on the voting.


LAUGHING OUT LOUD at Ann's suggestion.

Very entertaining take on DWTS, which I have never watched.
But now I know what's going on, so thank you!

Denise Calhoun

Brenda, I agree that the best dancer often doesn't win. But it's also a different America today than it was when Emmet won. (I still think Mario and Gilles should have been the victors!) But my tutu is now pressed and hanging in the closet!

Ann, I love that your child competes. I really wanted to compete at one time, but His Bertness flat out refused and ProAm is so expensive. HB would agree with you about the EC. Maks is passionate, and my favorite male dancer on the show with Derek a close second. I love their choreography and their dancing. I agree that his tiff with Carrie didn't do Brandy any favors. But I also think that JG and Brandy are MUCH better dancers, on a completely higher plane, than Kyle or Bristol. With relentlessly difficult — and gorgeous — choreography.

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