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December 12, 2010


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I love seeing everyone's solutions for storage. More sewing spaces would be fun to read about.


I love seeing what everyone does in their sewing spaces. Gives me ideas.


I love seeing people's sewing spaces, provides inspiration for me.


Definitely more sewing spaces. The more organization ideas I can get, the better.

Sabrina Clementine

Yes! Bring on the Sewing Spaces! Perhaps it's because I'm extra nosy, but I really enjoy them, lol. (And of course, I have gotten some excellent storage/organization ideas from it as well.)


I like seeing everyone's sewing spaces. It gives me good ideas, and it's also fun to see what works for others that might not work for me. ;)


more please!!


Reading the Sewing Spaces posts is so relaxing, and they have helped me address my own storage difficulties. You deserve a standing ovation!

Also, this is a great giveaway! I'd love to make the Crepe for Valentine's Day!


I really like Sewing Spaces...I get inspiration seeing other people's creative spaces.


I think Sewing spaces is fun. I am like the least organized person on the face of the earth, but it gives me something to strive for.


I love sewing other people's sewing spaces, but they do make me feel a bit bad about how disorganised mine is...

Shannon Radoll

Doesn't everyone have a bit of sewing room envy? I love to see how other people have organized their spaces. Our house is tiny, so my current sewing space is the dining room table. Yes to more sewing spaces!


I love reading sewing spaces, so inspirational but it does cause me a lot of envy.

Lucie Q

Oh yes, please, more Sewing Spaces! They keep alive the dream that one far, faaar day I'll be organized too!!! :)


I love seeing people's sewing rooms, and wish you'd expand it beyond just people who have blogs.


I love to see the pictures of other people's sewing rooms, read their stories and gather great information to use in my own sewing room. Thanks to everyone for sharing their special spaces.


I love the Sewing Spaces posts, it's nice to see how people are organising things and to get ideas for how to deal with problem areas in my own sewing room!


Please don't cancel sewing spaces!! I love to see what other people come up with.


I really enjoy reading about sewing spaces! Keep up the good work :-)


I think Sewing Spaces is brilliant - I love seeing everyone's little slice of sewing heaven!


No, no don't stop the sewing spaces! It's so fun and inspirational to see others spaces. I would so love to win that pattern as I'm on a fabric/pattern no more buying promise to my hubs.


I like Sewing Spaces. I get lots of organizational and decorating ideas. Please continue with it. Thanks!


I love this feature! Don't get rid of it, please.


I would love to see more sewing spaces, but think the quality of the spaces you're showing have gone down. I want to see pretty sewing spaces with beautiful, clever ways to decorate and organize them. Lately it are way to busy, overfull and not really good looking spaces that are featured, which doesn't inspire me. Perhaps you could have people send in pics of their sewing spaces and then choose the interesting ones, instead of asking bloggers.


No, no, this feature is wonderful! I find it fun and inspirational. Don't get rid of it.

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