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January 17, 2011


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Since she is a new mom, she might have cut her bangs becuase it was easier. As for her dress, she was probably just happy it didn't have baby barf on it! ;-p


I didn't find time to watch, usually don't, I enjoy others comments. One thing I did notice was more stringy hair than usual. Come on chickies, your putting on the fancy duds, strutting around, lets loose the mall hair look. I agree, Denise, Catherine and Claire chose dresses appropriate for their body styles and coloring. Sandra, unfortunately, looks a bit washed out, style-wise, color-wise and definitely hair-wise. Oh well, just wait for the Oscars, we can do this again. Now, I have to hang up my red carpet gown, and go stitch up some vintage style aprons because I am a sloppy cook! Love your special take on these things, I do, I really do!


My only issue with the pink dress that Claire Danes wore is the hem line. How do you walk daintily with a pool of fabric in front of your toes? I think I'd need to see her walk in that to believe she didn't have to kick it up to avoid falling on her arse.

I absolutely agree about the hair comments too. Sandra Bullock looks like she was hiding behind her hair.


And why can't the men shave?!

Denise Calhoun

Celkalee, thank you. I so love a compliment. I do.

Cathy, His Bertness and I were discussing the impractically of her hem last night. Love the dress, though. And her eyelashes — it's enough to make a woman consider Latisse!

HB and I discussed that, too. It's a most unfortunate trend and gives style-lazy hubbies an excuse they don't need!

Denise Calhoun

Oops. Impracticality.


I didn't even recognize Sandra Bullock. The blown up lips, Cleopatra eyes, frumpy dress, awful hair, oy,,,,,,,

My favorite was the Marchesa. I agree. It deserved a better do.


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