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January 23, 2011


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Wow! What an amazing giveaway! Ok, well, where do I start? I'm Alli (Allison), a married mum of two little boys, and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I absolutely adore anything from the 1940s, as I always admired how beautiful my gran and non looked in their finest- the clothes, the hair, the makeup. I look at your blog everyday to get inspiration, tips, and to admire the beautiful patterns and clothes that you have. My husband has just bought me my very first sewing machine for Christmas, and I'm hoping to learn how to recreate the gorgeous outfits from the 40s era. I don't currently dress in vintage, but that is my goal for this year. I've always been a jeans and converse kind of girl, but Im really excited about expressing (and showing) a new me. I find your blog really helpful on my journey to becoming a vintage gal. Thanks so much :)


I follow your RSS feed in my google reader account, if that counts for anything. I also follow you on twitter. I quite like your writing style, as well as vintage style in general, and thus enjoy the blog. Right now my wardrobe is largely thrift-store chic, though I hope to get a bit more vintage as time goes on and my budget lets up (thrift stores around here go back to the 80s and call it good enough).

I'm a crafter and microbiologist (though I do more of the former than the latter right now- job hunting is my job) with a great love of sewing. Through college I was a bit of a crafter-of-all trades, willing to try just about everything; now I'm reaching the point where I'd like to have a little less breadth and a little more depth, and sewing is one of the skills I hope to develop real expertise in.


Well, this is a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for hosting! a) I like Sewing Spaces a lot (of course) and I like your writing "voice"; b) I am Abigail/A.J.A. and I keep a blog at Farmhousegarden.blogspot.com. I do wear vintage, but not in a glamorous way, although I aspire to that. I have a strange, eclectic style, but I am working on a more put together look. I do sew, constantly really. And when I'm not sewing, I am thinking about sewing.


I love the looks into everyone's sewing spaces. So inspiring! Jealousy-inspiring, that is. I keep everything in a small closet and spread out on the dining table and living room to sew. I'm Amanda. I sew when the baby naps, and then try to hide all the tempting cords to pull when he is awake. What a great giveaway!


This is an excellent giveaway! I am Jacki, originally from Texas but marooned in the Middle East (for now). Lately I have not been sewing but have been procrastinating sewing, and instead have been cutting things out and devising new patterns, as well as making aesthetic changes to my blog (always time consuming). I love vintage and wear it when I can, but mostly I just try to stay cool. Anyway, your blog has such a sassy voice and I just enjoy the coyness and humor. Plus, you have great patterns on offer.


Fab giveaway! I'm Debi from Edinburgh (or that's where I'm living at the moment--I'm actually from the Pacific Northwest). I sew from vintage patterns over at: http://fashionsfromthepast.blogspot.com. I love your blog and I love the series you are doing as well as posting new patterns in your shop! YIPPPEEEE


Love this! I'm a singer living abroad, and sew both practical alterations, as well as garments from scratch. I love vintage-inspired patterns, and gowns are my favorite thing to create. I read your blog because I like being inspired by the patterns, spaces, and people you highlight.


Love the sewing spaces series, love the giveaways, love the pattern spotlights. I sew mainly vintage-inspired clothing rather than actual vintage--I own exactly one genuine vintage pattern, and since it happens to be for pants I'm waiting to learn how to grade on something a little less challenging.


I love this blog for the vintage eye candy and the peak into other people's sewing spaces.

I love vintage - I love to collect vintage patterns, stare at vintage patterns and sew with vintage patterns. Everyone should sew at least one pre-1970s pattern - the instructions themselves are worth their weight in gold!

Excellent giveaway BTW - you totally hooked me in with the fab pattern, fabric & book, but the polish was what put me over the top.


Alrighty, you know I love your blog! I love your writing style - very fun. Now this would be a great prize to win - I'm an Advance fan *and* this one is in my size!!!! Yes, oh yes, please enter me into the drawing. Thanks, Summerset


I've really enjoyed your recent 'Sewing Spaces' posts. It's really interesting to hear more about some of my favourite bloggers.
I don't sew vintage exclusively but I am a sucker for 50s ballgowns...


Oh, please please, MEE!! That fabulous dress is even my size - obviously destiny.

I am a fairly new reader, but I love the fun way that you write. I love to sew and I love vintage style, so you combine two favorites of mine. I mostly sew currently with modern patterns, but I'm moving slowly into the vintage camp.

sarah jane

I have a couple of vintage dresses in rotation (weather permitting) and am procrastinating the sewing of my army of dresses. I have the materials and patterns for several, but have yet to finish the first.

I very much enjoy your cheeky style of writing. My favourite posts are profiles of vintage dress patterns for specific applications (the rant about Church attire sticks in my memory).

Thanks for the give away!


Hi there! My favorite part of your blog is your writing! I love how you introduce patterns, and give a little story to them all. They are so much fun to read.

As for me....I'm someone who's getting back into sewing after a long break. It's a great hobby to have in the winter, when it's toooooooo cold and snowy to go outside. Doesn't sewing a beautiful dress make it seem sunny and cozy inside, even when there's a blizzard outside?


Eeek! I want in! Well, obvs, I love your blog and I love to look at the shop patterns - imagining which one I'll buy first when I undertake a "true vintage" sewing experience. I think your interview series' are fabulous. I love learning about how other home sewists do their craft.


Great Giveaway!. I LOVE seeing all the vintage patterns you have, it's my favorite thing on your blog. I like to sew, but its hard to find time with a toddler running so it is fun to imagine what I could do if there was more time in the day.

Lauren Owen

What a fab giveaway!
a) I love the stories you write for the patterns and nosing into other people's sewing rooms, it's a great change to steal good ideas! So basically I like everything on this blog.
b) I wear and sew vintage, although I also do a lot of procrastination. I love to learn new sewing techniques and get very excited about nerdy information. I own too much fabric and too many patterns but can't stop myself from buying more...I am addicted.
c) I follow on typepad and blogger!


I am a pretty new reader, but i sew, and i blog about it at farahmakesstuff.blogspot.com I have not sewed up a vintage pattern yet (I am scared!) but really want to...

I love your blog, love the interviews and love drooling over the beautiful vintage patterns.

Something in the Way She Sews

I love both Sew How and Sewing Spaces, Sew How in particular because I'm still a beginner and it's good to realise that everyone was once a beginner. I sew, and I have recently stated blogging about it. I follow you on blogger.


I came to your blog when the Selfish Seamstress (who's been too selfish to blog lately, BTW) mentioned that you were profiling her in your sewing spaces profiles. I hung around because I've really enjoyed that series & the rest of your blog. I used to sew eons ago & came back to it after being away for almost 20 years. I find that I'm doing more dreaming about sewing than the actual sewing itself though, thanks to work, life & a toddler. I like the vintage designs, but haven't worked up the guts to try to sew one yet.


I've been reading your blog (following your RSS feed on my GoogleReader) for about 6 months now, but I really enjoy your new "Sew How?" posts because I've only been sewing for about a year. I do enjoy vintage patterns, so this giveaway sounds like a great opportunity!


I love this blog as I love sewing, patterns and fashion!

I am Pavlina! I wear and sew vintage! I am pretty proflific, though I don't blog much.

I have the blog's rss feed, I use Google reader, feedly and Newsrob on my mobile device.

I would love to win this, but I am getting that book regardless!


What I love about this blog, the sewing spaces sneak peeks, Channeling Catherine, and Denise, I LOVE the way you write.

I am a wearer and a sewer of vintage with an obsession with fashion history and lingerie.


I particularly like the Sewing Spaces feature! I've started following several blogs that you brought to my attention that way.
I'm relatively new at sewing, and a new mom (5 months today!), which means I don't have a lot of time to sew these days.
I've never sewn with vintage patterns, but I do love the look of those dresses, so it's something I'd love to try.

And I follow you on Typepad.


oooh fancy stuff!!! what a gorgeous pattern!

honestly, i don't think there is much about this blog that i *don't* love. my favorite part, though, is lurking everyone's sewing spaces :)

who am i? hrm i'm not really sure how to answer that... i'm 25 and i hail from nashville. i sew and i buy expensive fabric and i trade sewing projects for amazing vintage duds (talk about a dream bartering situation!). i collect obsolete electronics (mostly computers, ooh computers) and i ride my bicycle a lot. i wear vintage slips out in public and idgaf if they are technically underwear, they are pretty and lacy and i am ok with it.

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