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February 27, 2011


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What about Mila Kunis in her lacey Elie Saab? All I could think about while she was up there with Justin Timberlake was "wardrobe malfunction."

Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman and Helen Mirren looked great as usual.

But thanks for putting Jennifer Hudson first. What a great look.


Hudson' tangerine (so one red carpet site sez) is gorgeous but it's the PURPLE shoes that really make it for me!


I loved Amy Adams! I thought she looked great.
Also loved Anne Hathaway's red gown with the sequins and chiffon. Mmm...

Denise Calhoun

LK: I agree, Halle, Nicole and Helen always look terrific. I did not like Nicole's gown last night as much as I usually like her choices. His Bertness loved it, though.

Marticia: I wonder if tangerine is a Pantone color name. I noticed it was being described as tangerine on TV last night, but it didn't look anything like the tangerines in my kitchen. It looked more like the little Campari tomatoes on my kitchen counter. (Maybe it's our 15-year-old Sony or my 5-year-old Mac.) Her shoes were fab as well. You are so right.

Lauren: Anne made some gorgeous selections. I especially liked the blue off-the-shoulder dress and the black, sparkly long-sleeved gown that she donned near the end of the show.


Helen Mirren, Mila Kunis and Hailee Steinfeld were also great. All three were age-appropriate stunners.

I loved the color and shape of Jennifer Hudson's dress but something about the bustline just bugged me. I kept watching and waiting for a wardrobe malfunction.


I've been looking at some other red carpet wrap ups, by "professionals." None of them agree with Denise on Kate Blancette. I do, especially after seeing a shot of the back of "blender" dress.

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