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March 27, 2011


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Jessie Heninger

I can not wait to have my own sewing space even if it's just a cabinet.


Wow, what a great space and such an inspirational interview, thank you ladies!


Always one of my favorite features. Love, love, love to see how others, particularly professionals, develop their sewing/creating spaces. Thank You. Love the puppies:)

Liz J.

I agree. The sewing room/space definitely evolves with the seamstress. I'm always collecting ideas from blogs of the next thing to do with my sewing space and saving reference pictures on my computer. I've been drooling over a lot of really expensive sewing armoire and desks. I'm very much digital girl and solved my pattern organization problem through labeled file boxes and software. I was lucky enough to have a roommate who could program a system for me. But the real challenge for me now is knowing what I own in fabric and the most efficient use of storage space.

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