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March 24, 2011


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I love seeing how other people organize their sewing spaces.

Amy O

I'm about to move into a new house, and I'll have a room entirely devoted to sewing. This blog was perfectly timed (I'm a huge Sew Weekly fan) because it's helpful seeing how experienced seamstresses organize their stash. Thank you for sharing!


Lovely! I've been wanting to have a peak inside this sewing room for awhile! I love all the light and color!


Oh wow! What a beautiful and inspiring space!


Looks neat to me, too, but I totally get how quickly a sewing space gets really messy! But her thread rack!! Marvelous!


OK, that room is lovely and NEAT! (Not that I don't believe you Mena...) :-)


looks rather clean to me, I'm totally envious of that thread rack!


Umm I'd say it's a perfect sewing space, so bright and cheerful. I get how things get messy especially when you are cranking out an outfit a week! Mena looks adorable in her cute dress at the beginning of the post!

Thanks Denise, for another wonderful interview, really inspiring!

Victoria Frostis

Love the IKEA fabric on the wall!! I made myself a huge sewing bag from the same fabric :)

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