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January 10, 2012


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As much as it takes. Really, it's not about time but about how many. If a pattern takes more than 2 muslins to get right, I move on to the next project. Sewing the muslin shouldn't take much time, 10-15 minutes, because you're not pressing, not doing facings, ect. Your time should be spent copying your original pattern, then doing alterations to your copy prior to cutting your muslin. Like any skill, fitting your pattern/muslin gets easier/quicker the more you do it.


I agree, as long as it takes. Though some things have been known to take a very long back seat if it starts going too long. I have two projects in the muslin stage and I so want to get on to something new. I just say to myself, 'just a little bit longer...'


It really depends on the garment I'm making. The more complicated/ fitted the longer doing the muslin. Latest one has taken me many hrs.


I agree, it depends on the garment. If I'm making something casual from a pattern, like a day dress, I'll make one or two. But if it's an evening gown, or my fabric is very expensive, I'll sometimes make more. If I'm making changes to the pattern or drafting something new, I make lots and lots of them.


How is it that I didn't notice this pattern??

As a process, muslining can take as long as making the garment - or longer if you have to re-sew the muslin fabric with alterations a few times. However, if the fit is good, it's not too labour intensive. I don't love cutting, though, and when you do a muslin you end up having to do that part twice, regardless. You may not cut up all the pieces, but still!


As the others have said, it depends on the garment. I have a few fitting issues I still consider major as a baby seamstress, so it takes me a while to figure them out yet (full bust, small frame, scoliosis). Some things, though, work out beautifully right from the muslin.

That said, the last dress I made took EIGHT muslins of the bodice, and necessitated my going from the 6 I'd cut out to the 2 and STILL taking it in. Badly drafted pattern, IMHO, and I don't think I'd do that again. It was extremely frustrating, and as a matter of fact, I've not sewn a dress since finishing that one last spring! Just blouses and skirts! Sad. *sigh*

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