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March 06, 2012


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Claire (aka Seemane)

Denise - would this class help at all? http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/sewingclasses/index.pl#477 $60, Starts on: Mar 29th. Skills Required: Passion for learning! Absolute beginners will benefit from this class. No prior experience is needed.


I think you should put your sleeves in a garment. I think they will look much better then. :-) They're very nice sleeves though, lovely binding.


To get the best result in seams that are curved, clip openings to the seam allowances ( as you have done ) and you can stretch them quite closely to the seam. Then sew go over with the raw edges of siad curved seams with a serger and bend the seam to the position in which it will be molded to ( in this case, curved to the opposite way than its natural state of being ) and then press seams flat ( as you have done, again ) and be careful not to leave seam lines pressed to the fabric on the right side. There´s actually nothing complicated about it, after all it´s just a seam. A tailoring trick is to sew a narrow ribbon to the underarm- curvy bit to give it some body and stoutness.

hollister uk

A tailoring trick is to sew a narrow ribbon to the underarm- curvy bit to give it some body and stoutness.

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