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March 03, 2012


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You really only need to rip out a couple of inches of the underarm seam to apply the binding following the pattern instructions.

That's much easier than trying to sew the binding in the round for a small sleeve opening. Plus trying to get the ends to meet nicely.

I'm all for shortcuts but imho I think ripping out 2-3" of a seam is easier than trying to do it after the fact.


I think everyone who is learning to sew has lots of these moments :-) my seam ripper is my best friend!
You can also sew on the binding without ripping out the seam. I have done it with sleeves of childrens dresses. Sewing slowly, and IN the 'tunnel' of the sleeve - pictures 23 to 30 of this post show what you want to do http://fiveandcounting-motherof5.blogspot.com/2012/03/eider-tunic-excellence-tutorial-part-2.html

If you want a neat finish, measure the amount of binding you need, add seam allowances and sew in a circle, then follow the pictures above. Good luck.


Either of those 2 methods works, but for a beginner sewist, I would say to go with Debbie's idea. Ripping out enough to give you a flat area to work on will definitely be the easiest and give you some more control.


Sewing slowly, and IN the 'tunnel' of the sleeve - pictures 23 to 30 of this post show what you want to do

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