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March 20, 2012


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I'd pull it out and have another go. Practice does make perfect! And I can say that many of my zippers do not go in well the first time. Once you have it out, press/steam everything flat, and then if you didn't last time, try stabilizing. Also, baste your side seam where the zipper will go, press it open, and then pin your zipper in. If you can, pick it while it is sewed shut and then remove the basting stitches. You'll get it!

I am finishing up a dress that I made with half of the leopard print fabric I won in your giveaway. The dress is from a vintage pattern, and I really like it. I will send you a pic when it is done. Thanks again!


I agree with A.J.A's comments, and would add that it helps to either chalk a guide on the right side of the fabric (on equal sides of the machine-basted seam) to help keep your picking lines straight, or you can also use a low-tack tape like painter's tape as a guide. These get faster and easier as you do more of them!


I'm with the chorus. You will have a dramatically better result with the next try (unless the fabric can't take it - so make sure it's hearty enough to try again). Zippers are a tough one to get the knack of. I don't think the concern is as much the uneveness of the fabric around the zipper (which probably wouldn't be noticeable on wearing), it's the puckering that you need to fix. Otherwise your garment will start to hang wonkily very quickly.

Also, tape or chalk lines will really help, I agree.


I love the tape idea. My pattern called for centered zippers but did not give any tips on how to do them. Now I remember that the couture sewing teacher used tape, all those years ago.

AJA, can't wait to see the dress!


Hmmm, while those others are probably right, I wouldn't rip it out. Handpicked zippers are really, really, really in there good, and you don't want to damage the fabric. It's on the side, and honestly, no one will know any better, and you can learn from this one, and do better next time. Maybe practice putting zippers in on some muslin.

And remember, what's that saying... perfection is the enemy of good enough.


Oops, one more thing... no one will be looking at your zipper as closely as this close up photo either. ;)


Move on--your zippers will get better as you sew more clothes. A good pressing takes care of a multitude of sins as well. Make as many mistakes as you can, and learn from them. Most of all--have fun!

Melina Glasson

On a seperate note, I love that fabric-where did you get it? It's gorgeous! You certainly don't want to damage it, but if you do rip out and reinstall the zipper, maybe use another thread colour that's not so obvious as well?


I give you full marks for developing this skill.

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