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May 22, 2012


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Ann Morrison

try these traps from Gardens Alive:

they really work for pantry moths

Jennifer G. Miller

Yes, those traps worked for me, too. And if you don't have an infestation yet, clean down your pantry and wrap up anything that has cardboard or open packages. If you already do have the pantry moths, then I recommend cleaning thoroughly, with bleach even.


There are 2 different types of moth; the pantry moth has no interest in clothing and the "case making clothes moth" has no interest in either dried food or cellulose fibre; it loves protein fibres (wool, cashmere, silk etc).
I put either fresh soaps or strong smelling herbs in with my fibre stash to mask the smell of their food. It doesn't stop them if they're already there, but it'll mean they don't fly in and smell food straight away. If you do get some in your stash what I do is to biff the source of the infestation, and then cycle anything within several feet of that in and out of the freezer about 3 times; 5 days in, 3 days out to kill live ones and encourage eggs to hatch. Freezing doesn't kill the eggs which is why the cycles.
Carpet beetles also like protein fibres and I believe that silverfish are partial to cellulose fibre.

Mary Calder

Always love the vintage paterns... Yes Albuquerque and surroundig areas have lots of moths for a little while in the spring but these seem to be mostly outdoor critters and not so much after your food and clothing. I live in the east mountains and we have them also.


I have used sachets of lavender buds for years tucked in my wools and so far no problem. It really works.


If they are pantry moths, don't forget to purge the garage, basement or any other locations attached to the house of bird food and dry pet foods, or make sure they are in tightly covered containers. We couldn't figure out where the blasted things were coming from, until I walked into the garage one night after dark to turn off the light that had been left on.


Thanks so much for the tips. I shall try soap and lavender. I love these ideas. I haven't a clue what kind of moth — but I can say that they are in the bedrooms, not the kitchen.

Keep those comments coming! They make me feel so loved.

Deborah Gyug

I've been using sachets that I fill with aromatic cedar for years. I buy the cedar shavings that are used as Hamster Cage bedding. I store several sachets in each drawer, or storage box that contains any protein fiber - including furs and feathers. So far - it seems to be working.
- Deborah in Vancouver

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