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June 19, 2012


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Absolutely fantastic interview, thank you both!


That coat is a masterpiece! I feel lucky to have seen it in person :) I'm also a big fan of your Cambie too.


What a fab interview! Having had the pleasure of meeting Karen in real life, I can confirm she really is as talented and witty as she comes across. I've seen THE coat too and it doesn't disappoint! x

Debbie Cook

Wonderful interview! I wish I was in the UK so I could go to one of those meet-ups!


Karen is the coolest! Thanks for sharing this interview!


Thank you all!


Great interview! I really enjoyed reading it.


When I looked at the first photo, I thought to myself, "Why on earth is she wearing a shop bought coat in an interview about sewing?". Uh, duh. So inspired. My new sewing dream is now to make a coat like that.


Thanks for a lovely interview. I love the part about Karen wanting to marry Tasia. So funny. That coat is my dream....and I'm not even joking.


Brilliant! Karen is such an inspiration and a fabulously fun lady!


Thank you so much, this is a wonderful interview, I love Karen, she is awesome!

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