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July 15, 2012


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By "ignore the instructions" I'm sure the teacher meant "be aware that you may have to adapt them for your sewing machine." So keep following the directions in the pattern, keeping in mind that since you're using a conventional machine that you'll be following the stitch and finish recommendations in the video you linked to. Read through the entire set of pattern instructions first if you haven't already, and visualize the process in your mind so you have a good idea of the process you want to achieve. Then go for it. If you mess up, no big deal, it's a learning process and it's just fabric. If something turns out differently than you expected but it still works, it's now a customized design feature.

If your ultimate goal is to sew a lot of knits, a serger is a good investment--it's also excellent for (knit and non-knit) seam edge finishes in general, which is what I use mine for the most. If you're most interested in sewing non-knit fabrics in say, vintage patterns (it's an educated guess), I suggest you start with modern, super-easy to sew beginner's patterns, with the absolute minimum of zippers/buttons/other details and use light to medium weight cotton fabrics so you really get comfortable with your machine and yourself at the machine...after a couple of projects that turn out the way you want, you'll be in a better place to branch out into sexier fabrics and older patterns that presume you've been sewing since you were old enough to hold a needle. :-)

But first, go finish that blue top. You started it, you can finish it.


That is very disappointing! It is surprising that with only two students the teacher couldn't get you closer to finishing in the time allowed. Do her students normally finish their projects? If not, maybe she needs to re-think the length of the class.

Telling you to ignore the instructions isn't much help unless she gives you alternative instructions. I don't think the order of construction would change much whichever type of machine you use, so you should probably just follow the instructions that came with the pattern (although I have never made or even seen this pattern, so I might be completely wrong).

Good luck! I hope you can get it finished.


The fabric is lovely, as is the pattern you have chosen. I agree with the advice already given - just go for it. Read the instructions and follow through. You can do it!


Well, all your posters have given you sound advise- just don't fear the knit, it is your friend!


Thank you for the advice! I'll follow the order given on the serger instructions and see what happens. I do have a serger attachment for my Bernina 930, but I've been afraid to try it!


I haven't sewn a lot of knits, but I did learn right away, it pays to have the right needles!! Just a little tip I wanted to share. I made a huge differance to me.

I would agree with everyone else. Go for it!! It does look like you have the tricky bit done. So you should just have to sew up the shoulder seams, sew in the sleeves, sew up the side seams and then finish the edges!
Good Luck!!

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